No more aggressive outbursts, Huge Change in 3 months

I worked with a 6 year old boy who came in with complaints of severe inattention and behavioral overreactions to various life experiences/sensory stimuli. He was treated with rhythmic movements, reflex integration, and brain gym/brain tune-up exercises. He was an excellent participant in therapy sessions. He received 3 months of therapy in total with great changes observed. I chose to use Rhythmic Movement and reflex integration secondary to observations of decreased rhythm with movements, decreased coordination and balance as well as positive signs and long term effects of the following reflexes: TLR, ATNR, Moro, FPR, and SGR. His mother was in the process of getting him diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. She began noticing changes in his behaviors and attention at home and in the community. I observed him listening with greater ease as therapy progressed, he demonstrated greater motor planning through various therapeutic activities, his mother no longer reported aggressive and emotional outbursts at home, and she stated that he began tasting non-preferred foods. By the time he was re-evaluated at 3 months, he presented with improved integration of the reflexes assessed that he initially tested positive for. He also showed marked improvements in his test scores for the Beery VMI test which assesses visual motor integration, visual perception, and motor coordination. He was able to be discharged from OT after 3 months of therapy and was no longer showing as many signs and symptoms of ADHD.

Amber Humphrey, OTR, MOT

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